MJog Messenger

We are using a messaging service called MJog Messenger, which has been provided to all practices in Milton Keynes by the MK Clinical Commissioning Group.

You will receive a message advising you about MJog and providing you with a link to download the App.

MJog Messenger is a free app for patients, allowing quick and easy two-way communications with the practice. The familiar user interface means patients will be able to use the app straight out of the box, providing patients with a convenient way to manage appointments, be alerted about services and receive reminders from their surgery. PIN authentication can be enabled to grant peace of mind for your patient.

The benefits for MJog are:

  • There is no cost for patients to use the MJog Messenger App, it is free to download with no message costs.
  • It is a simple to use app – MJog Messenger is self explanatory with clear details including links and buttons to complete app interactions with familiar and recognisable styling.
  • More informative messages for patients, compared to SMS, with styled text and images allowing for clear and branded practice communications.
  • Convenient communications – The app provides a straightforward view of documents including pdfs and letters the practice sends via the app, which is delivered to one device (accessible across multiple).
  • It’s easy to access – it’s a simple process to cancel appointments, provide feedback to FFT or complete patient surveys.
  • It’s informative, relevant and efficient communications are received – letters, pictures, links etc. are all contained in one message.